A Couple Links

My friend Tommy sent me these, and I thought I’d pass them on.

A Clever Sign

An Unusual Campaign

I hope those made you smile, and I hope you’re looking forward to the next post, slated for Monday morning.  The subject: campaign finance.

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Introducing CalmDownPolitics.com

When political partisans of different persuasions argue, there often comes a turning point where the conversation deteriorates completely.  Maybe one side accuses the other of being disingenuous, while the other side claims the first is ignorant or bigoted.  Voices are raised.  The opponents proceed to talk past each other or at each other, and not to each other.

The political climate of the United States, replete with blatantly partisan news stations, entrenched politicians, and rancorous academics, apparently passed that point some time ago.  This blog will attempt to conduct a conversation on politics and policy without the vitriol.  We will strive to inform the policy debate by engaging arguments from both sides and attempting to verify claims by looking at history and evidence.  In particular, the following guidelines will drive the discussion on this site:

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