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UPDATE: The New Key Players in Congress

A few days after last November’s election, I posted some predictions about the partisan makeup of the new Congress.  In the process, I discussed which representatives and Senators would be pivotal players over the next two years.  These predictions were … Continue reading

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The Will of the Voters

In the wake of an election, pundits like to ask, What was the message from voters?  What do voters want?  After all, this is a crucial question for politicians.  It is important for a politician to know what his or … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Part II: Motivations

In the last post, I looked at the money going to each political party in elections over the past decade, and whether unregulated, non-transparent spending is a greater problem now than in the past.  In this post, I delve more … Continue reading

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I’ve realized that I misunderstood the data I presented this morning.  The 2010 numbers that I quoted were totals for all candidates that had run for office as Democrats and Republicans.  Since there were many more Republican than Democratic candidates … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Part I: Is This Year Different?

Note: Some numbers in this post are incorrect.  The correction is posted here. I was initially going to touch on three questions in this post: Is the amount of money in elections this year unusual?  Why do people give during … Continue reading

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