And…We’re Back!

Apologies for the long hiatus.  I hope to dedicate more time to writing posts, recruiting more contributors, and expanding the readership of this blog going forward.  Here are a few of the topics you can expect to see, among others, in the coming weeks on

  • Civility. There were at least a few weeks since I last posted where civility was a hot topic, and I feel compelled, given the nature of this blog, to comment.  I’ll explain why I expect to see more civility over the next two years in Washington, but it’s not for the reasons you might think.
  • Health Care Reform. Now that the Republicans’ effort at repealing health care reform was voted down in the Senate, how will Congress move forward?  I’ll explain how I think some parts of the health care reform law lay the foundation for some conservative policy goals in health care, and how some bipartisan reforms might be built on this foundation.
  • Tax Reform. There might be a way for the federal government to lower overall income tax rates and still increase revenues, all while keeping the distribution of the tax burden roughly the same.  I’ll crunch some numbers to find out how.

I’ve also tapped some bright contributors to post on on topics including education policy and law.  Hopefully, I can coax them into getting some finalized posts up soon.  Stay tuned!

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