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The Will of the Voters

In the wake of an election, pundits like to ask, What was the message from voters?  What do voters want?  After all, this is a crucial question for politicians.  It is important for a politician to know what his or … Continue reading

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Issues in the Lame Duck Congress

This Monday, the 111th Congress will convene for the first day of its last session.  This session, called the lame duck session, occurs after the election but before the new members of Congress take their seats, on January 3.  Historically, … Continue reading

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The New Key Players in Congress

Elections have consequences.  When the members of Congress change significantly, we expect to see different kinds of policies make it to the President’s desk.  We also expect to see different members of Congress making headlines.  In this post, I predict … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Part II: Motivations

In the last post, I looked at the money going to each political party in elections over the past decade, and whether unregulated, non-transparent spending is a greater problem now than in the past.  In this post, I delve more … Continue reading

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I’ve realized that I misunderstood the data I presented this morning.  The 2010 numbers that I quoted were totals for all candidates that had run for office as Democrats and Republicans.  Since there were many more Republican than Democratic candidates … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Part I: Is This Year Different?

Note: Some numbers in this post are incorrect.  The correction is posted here. I was initially going to touch on three questions in this post: Is the amount of money in elections this year unusual?  Why do people give during … Continue reading

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